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So one night you are sitting on your couch with your laptop (or iPad if you’re spoiled) and you happen to stumble across a website that you think looks great. You may not even understand why you think it looks great. It may be something about the color, the spacing, the pictures. Maybe it’s the texture of the website, the background. It could even be the beautifully written copy. It just feels right.


You may ask yourself “What makes great design? Or better yet, how can it benefit me?”.

With a great design, you look like you know what you are doing. That may or may not be the actual case in real life, but as far as the internet is concerned you look like you are a professional in your field. It’s like a fully geared up and ready for game time NFL Linebacker standing among high school football players. If you are dressed like a Pro, people know you are serious. It’s game time.

We know when someone is authentic, and when someone is faking it. Have you seen the Chinese iPhone knockoffs? Or maybe a pair of designer sunglasses for $5? We know fake when we see them. In a world dominated by the internet, some would assume that it’s easier to pull the wool over our eyes, but it’s quite the opposite. We know it when we are being hocked a product by advertisers.

When a website has a great design, the message is crystal clear. The website has purpose and the user knows what that purpose is. If it’s done well than it comes off as being genuine and authentic. If not, it may feel like an infomercial.

Quality is recognizable. We understand craftsmanship and beauty. And when you combine those two the perfect storm brews and out comes recognition in your sphere of influence. It happens all the time. A great example is a KickStarter project by the name of TikTok. It started out as an idea for a well designed watch for the ipod nano and because it was crafted well it gained so much recognition it raised almost a Million Dollars! Check it out here: TikTok

When a site has a great design it helps build the business, credibility, authenticity, recognition, and in turn builds your business or effort. It’s a hard road to great design and only a few web designers out there have the experience and know how to make it happen.

Be the best in your field. Exude quality and craftsmanship. Have the best website that anyones ever seen! The benefits will pay off for years in the future.