Premium Results for Your Next Website, App, and Marketing Effort.

Do you need the expertise and speed that a large Creative Agency can offer, but don't want to be treated like a cash cow to be milked in a long line of other clients?

Do you ever find yourself saying:

“I’m tired of dealing with large teams inside agencies, I never talk to the actual person responsible for executing my strategy…”

I don’t have anything against large creative agencies. I actually worked for one for many years! The reason I left was because I wanted to work one-on-one with my clients. I was tired of being so far removed that by the time a strategy was implemented it was filtered and watered down to nearly no value to the client. It became more about keeping the big fish paying monthly than delivering real value to them. I hated that so much…

I understand how difficult it is to find a trusted professional who is skilled enough to deliver results for your website, app, and marketing effort. It’s intimidating to trust another human with a redesign of a website, or a new web app. I totally get that! That’s why nearly all of my clients come through personal referrals of past projects I’ve completed. A happy client shares with their peers the successful project, and that makes it a littler easier to connect on a potential project.

It’s a different world now than it was 15 years ago when I started SolidGiant. I understand you have many choices to create your website, app and marketing. If you are looking for a trusted professional let me share just three things that I believe set me apart (but no pressure, feel free to read my testimonials and reach out to them directly if you know them).

1. I’m a constant learner, and my expertise rivals that of a large creative agency. Because I’m passionate and love what I do, I am constantly growing and offering new skills to my clients. I deliver measurable results to my clients.

2. I focus on you personally and your business goals. I see each project as two parts. The first is making the project successful in reaching it’s goals, the second is helping you be successful personally inside your organization. This honestly is way different than any other agency. They focus on the former, and the latter they literally don’t have eyes to see. I understand that when I help you be professionally successful inside your organization with an awesome project, you have more opportunities for a promotion, raise, accolades. Which I love seeing!

3. The projects I work on are actually enjoyable along the way. We’ll have fun on the project together. I’ll keep it light hearted and on track. This is my secret sauce after 15 years. The people I have worked with love working together on our projects. Let’s meet some goals and have a blast while we do it!

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A few of my past clients:

Websites / Web Apps / Ecommerce / Marketing

I craft custom solutions focused on meeting your (actual) goals.

Effective Websites

It’s not just about making a beautiful website anymore, it’s about reaching a wider audience, creating a premium brand, effectively communicating a vision. It’s so much more than a “website”. It’s hard to quantify until you’ve launched a successful project and know what it takes. I’ve worked alongside my clients for 15 years full time, helping them be successful in their organization and online. We have fun while we do it too!

Web Apps

I’ve built world class web apps for large nonprofits and businesses. Completely from scratch and custom, each app I build solves a specific problem. If there’s no off the shelf solution, then I’ll consult with you on the most effective way to build an app that solves your problem. It’s dangerous to pay an offshore agency to build a successful app, but I pledge to always lead you to the best answers and deliver a solution that will scale with you and your business.


As an official Shopify Expert, I can take your ecommerce business to the next level. With a strategy focused on conversions, I’ll redesign your store to double your conversion rate. Over the years and working with hundreds of ecommerce brands, I’ve been able to consistently double conversion rates. Which will double gross sales.


This term is so overused now days… I only use it now to share that I have 15 years of measurable success with campaigns and strategies that get a positive return on investment. When you engage with me on marketing, I’ll prove where every dollar goes, and if I don’t think I can get a positive ROI for you, I’ll explain why and help you decide the best path forward. I believe that if you’re armed with the truth you can make better decisions for yourself and your company.

I’ve never had an upset client!

Here’s a few past testimonials:

“Josh has been so easy to work with and really created a website that says exactly who we are and what we do with a fresh approach. Our sales have exploded since the website has been up! For anyone looking to have a great look with a polished style, we highly recommend using Solid Giant and Josh.”

Elizabeth McAlisterSpeak Spanish Nashville

“Our website is the center of our business and I cannot imagine where we would be without Solid Giant. We've worked with Josh since 2014 and the website Josh originally built for us has allowed us to grow and become a leader in our industry. If you want a clean, quick, professional looking website then Josh is your guy!”

Jacob BozarthResonate Recordings

“Josh Starr has amazing technical ability, an eye for design, and is marketing savvy. He flat out knows what he’s doing. Josh and I have worked on a number of projects together and he always delivers. I highly recommend him.”

Brian HowardActs 29

“Josh is unmatched in his ability build custom websites and custom applications. I have been working with Josh for over 15 years and wouldn’t trust anyone other than Josh with such an important task of designing a custom application that runs our business. Don’t even think about using anyone else!”

Charles W PriceCEP Holdings, Inc.

“Most small business owners feel overwhelmed with online marketing. We spend so much time managing every aspect of our business that trying to figure out the constantly changing world of digital marketing seems impossible. With decades of experience and cutting edge knowledge, Josh brings clarity and direction to a complex and important aspect of our business. Knowing that Josh is managing all of the online aspects of my business that I never think about brings me peace of mind. In addition, I know that my website will always be a step ahead of my competition because I know that Josh is a step ahead of his competition. However, the best part of working with Josh is that he is honest, humble, and genuine. That's hard to find in a vendor.”

Barrett WilsonCornerstone Oral Care

“Josh has been a great help to us. First, he created our web site and it is quite attractive and functional. We get a great many positive comments about how easy it is to navigate. Second, even though Josh has been off the clock for a while, he's always available to address questions or concerns. He's a real; pro and I have great confidence in his ability. Finally, we like his work so much, that we have retained his services on an ongoing basis.”

Len MoisanThe Covenant Group

“Josh and his team are committed to technological excellence. I have worked with Josh on a number of projects and in every case he has delivered on time and with tremendous professionalism and expertise. His ability to capture the vision for a project and walk through the process is a gift for any organizational leader. Don’t miss his new service with PixelPainters, which is already becoming an economical solution for pastors and church communications.”

Jeff DalrympleHospitality Project

“Our church website needed a major facelift and Josh Starr patiently worked with us for months to decipher our wants and needs for a new site. He even took several hours of his time to train our staff on managing the site from the backend. And even though there were many moments where we didn't even know what we wanted out of a site, he graciously helped us develop content strategies that would sync well with sleek user-friendly templates. Our site is better than it's ever been before!”

Lisa J. Van BerkelGrace Community Church

“Solid Giant is like no other design group that we've ever worked with. Josh is very professional and polished when it comes to the business side of designing a new website, but laid back and funny enough to make the process fun and engaging. His designs are clean and beautiful and his service and support after the site went live have been top notch.”

Brian HeltonMercer Transportation

“Solid Giant has changed our organization for the better. Josh is crisp, classy, and chill. His work is professional and sharp. He understands his clients and is calm under pressure. He brings skillful design and precise functionality together to surpasses your expectations.”

Sean PerronAssociation for Certified Biblical Counselors

“Josh created a content management system that everyone in our office could use. Combined with a new responsive, search engine optimized design we increased web traffic and conversions.”

Ben ReubensteinPresident Possible Mobile

“Josh gives you the full package–strategic thinking, creative design, clean coding and timely delivery–and just as important, he’s a blast to work with along the way.”

Steve WattersTruth78

“Josh did an excellent job creating our website. He exceeded our expectations with the final product. I can not recommend him enough for his hard work, professionalism, and skills.”

Daniel MontgomeryLeadership Reality

“I’ve been working with web designers for most of my career. My experience with Josh Starr was not only satisfactory, it was enjoyable. Josh offers three qualities that are rare among people in this field: cutting edge design, technological savvy, and first-rate, personal customer service. I can’t recommend Josh Starr high enough for your next big web project.”

Daniel DarlingEthics & Religious Liberty Commission

“Leadership, skill with the ability to think outside-the-box are a rare combination in my experience–Josh has a unique blend of each these traits and I highly recommend him. He is also patient and easy to work with–I consider him part of our team.”

Josh GilliamManaging Director Gilliam Mease Assoc.

“Josh answered the unique challenge of providing one central website for our four-campus, two-state church — a website that is as simple and clean as it could be, yet as multi-layered and content-rich as it needs to be. Throughout the project, he met every deadline, answered every question, and guided us through every stage.”

Bobby GillesSojourn Church

“Josh is a joy to work with. From large scale projects to the minutia of website maintenance, Josh treats his clients with respect and shows a great deal of honesty and humility in the process. Whether you’d like to get a small website up and running in less than 24 hours, or you need the expertise of a web developer to work with your whole marketing and communications department for a rebrand and a whole new site – and everything in between – Josh is up for the task. I highly recommend him.”

Dave OwensSojourn Network

“Josh performed excellent work and exhibited great patience, skill, and creativity in working with us. Recommended if you want a well-designed site and a partner who will work with you!”

Ryan BaltripThe Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Josh helped relaunch our website by creating a clean and clear mobile responsive website and by handling the entire implementation process. I highly recommend Josh’s skills and abilities. From his design capabilities to his technical expertise, he’s a true professional and I would not work with anyone else.”

Charles PriceCEP Holdings, Inc.

“Josh is extremely responsive which is greatly appreciated when you need to make changes on the fly. I enjoy working with him and highly recommend him.”

Laura HamelPOSSIBLE Mobile

“Josh has consistently offered successful, creative solutions for our clients’ needs and scope. Solid Giant delivers a solid estimate and proactively stays in touch on projects as they develop to final. An invaluable partner in our teams success!”

Denise OldingIngrid Design

“From start to finish, working with Josh was simply awesome. He was always timely, patient, honest, and hard working. He creatively brought the vision for our brand and website to life in such a way that far exceeded our expectations. His skills combined with customer service put him in a category all to himself. I highly recommend Josh and will continue to work with him on future projects!”

Dustin CrawfordTrue North Community Church

“Josh has been one of the best web developers I have worked with so far. He is professional, timely, extremely creative, and really a joy to work with on our projects. From small to large projects, he is the man for the job. I am very thankful for his talents and look forward to future projects with him.”

Jason ThackerEthics & Religious Liberty Commission

“I could not have predicted how happy we would be with Josh. I would highly recommend Solid Giant to any business looking for a simple answer for your project.”

Beth KeeneyLife Spring Health Systems

“Josh does an outstanding job of translating our firms value proposition into a visual representation. He was very responsive and delivered the site on time and on budget.”

Terry GillAccess Capital

“I had absolutely no idea how to create a website; But Josh stepped in and made us a great one! He worked on it very fast and answered all of my questions. Josh is trustworthy and easy to work with and his cost is also very fair. I highly recommend him!”

Jeremiah TaylorRedemption Church Miami

“I cannot recommend the skills and abilities of Josh enough. He did everything we could have hoped for and more.”

Jason AryDouble Encore

“Josh from Solid Giant is a pro when it comes to Shopify and eCommerce! Since he performed a site audit for me our sales have tripled and I have not even finished implementing all of his suggestions! I will be using him for custom theme work in the future too! Can’t recommend him enough!”

Justin CastlesLucky Straps

“When it comes to understanding Shopify websites inside and out, Josh is the guy! He helped us redevelop our website to gain a better ROI, and with his support and advice we are seeing exactly that! Really awesome guy to work with too!”

Shimon MahYumty

“Not only are the creative services Josh provides extremely high quality – they are turned around in the most timely manner I have experienced with any creative studio. I highly recommend Solid Giant for all of your creative needs!”

Jason RehmelEastside Christian Church

“Josh is timely, honest, affable, and exceptionally easy to work with. You can’t find a better person to work with and support than Josh Starr at Solid Giant.”

Andrew WalkerEthics & Religious Liberty Commission

“Josh understood our needs and took initiative to execute an awesome, functional design. Josh is lovely to work with and we recommend him to everyone!”

Ana Van PeltNiche Snowboards

“Josh has been so wonderful to work with over the past years. His commitment to excellent work and his innovative mindset ensure his products exceed expectations. We are so happy to consider him a part of the team.”

Gabe RiggsNorton Healthcare

“After interviewing several large shops our team felt most comfortable with Josh Starr. It was a breath of fresh air to connect with someone whom was not only the owner but could meet our diverse startup needs. He has delivered on every level and been a true joy to work with in this exciting phase of ParentMD.”