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Our team has created and grown world class apps, websites, marketing campaigns, and growth strategies.

CEO, Founder


Josh is responsible for strategy, vision and often dabbles in creative work and business growth for our clients.

A seasoned digital expert and entrepreneur, I have a rich background in web design and e-commerce, and have founded ventures like Solid Giant and Pixel Painters to empower businesses and churches digitally, all while cherishing life as a father and community advocate. My journey, from a pastor's kid to a pivotal player in's e-commerce development and a non-profit supporter, reflects my commitment to empathy, growth, and helping others achieve digital success.
Senior Developer


Craig handles all of our App development projects, he is a full stack developer with over 25 years of experience.

I am a developer with 25 years experience, primarily developing and supporting custom business applications.

The first 10 years were developing client server native applications for the Mac. The last 15 years I have focused on web based business applications as well as developing integrated solutions for iPhone and iPad since their launch.

I love taking business requirements, refining them and providing a working software solution that meets the business needs, adds value and saves time.

Senior WordPress Developer


Kseniia handles the entire WordPress stack from custom theme development to custom plugin development. She also has expertise in React and Gatsby, ensuring comprehensive and modern solutions.

A passionate and dedicated WordPress Developer with over six years of experience, I specialize in creating custom themes and plugins that enhance website performance and user experience. My work focuses on delivering high-quality, responsive, and visually appealing websites. I excel in optimizing sites for speed and SEO and enjoy collaborating with teams to bring innovative solutions to life. My background includes extensive experience with headless CMS setups and crafting seamless integrations with various APIs.

When I'm not coding, I am learning to write technical articles to share my knowledge and insights with the developer community. I'm always excited to take on new challenges and help clients bring their visions to life.

Senior WordPress Developer


Michel handles the entire WordPress stack from custom wordpress theme development, to custom plugin development.

A dynamic and self-driven technology enthusiast, I bring over a decade of rich experience in software development, specializing in the realm of web technologies. My journey in the tech world spans 12 years, marked by a deep-rooted passion for the ever-evolving landscape of web and new technologies. My expertise lies in an array of programming languages and frameworks, including WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, React.js, and Vue.js, honed through hands-on experience and a self-taught approach.

My career as a Full Stack Developer extends beyond 10 years, during which I have developed proficiency in CSS and SCSS, employing frameworks such as Bootstrap and Tailwind. I possess 8 years of experience in PHP and WordPress Development, focusing on both plugins and themes. My skills also encompass 5 years in crafting web applications using React and JavaScript (ES6+), alongside expertise in Node.js. I am well-versed in ensuring cross-browser compatibility, writing unit and E2E tests, and working with page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, and Bricks. My experience with databases includes both MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have had the privilege of contributing to projects for international companies like QBE Europe, Carlsberg UK, Smiths Detection, Intradco Global, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), and American Express, focusing on developing intelligent websites and solutions using cutting-edge technologies. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate and innovate in future projects.