“Josh is unmatched in his ability build custom websites and custom applications. I have been working with Josh for over 15 years and wouldn’t trust anyone other than Josh with such an important task of designing a custom application that runs our business. Don’t even think about using anyone else!”

Charles Price, Capital Now Funding

Capital Now Funding

Capital Now Funding was founded in 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky by a team who fully understood the needs of both attorneys and their clients involved in personal injury accident cases. Clients may be injured and need pre-settlement legal funding to pay their bills before their cases are settled. Attorneys need the proper amount of time to administer and settle their cases and benefit by referring their clients to a trustworthy solution for their pre-settlement legal funding needs.

Capital Now Funding has provided thousands of clients with pre-settlement legal funding to help them live their lives. Capital Now Funding has grown and continues to grow to expand its resources to serve customers across the USA.

The Challenge

Capital Now Funding was similar to a lot of successful businesses, they had an enormous amount of clients and were trying their best to manage their entire client flow with pen and paper. They had streamlined this paper process as much as they could, but they were limited to one physical location since their process was completed by reviewing paper documents in person.

The challenge ahead of me was to literally take their entire process digital, so they could hire additional staff, expand the business across the USA, and better track everything so to see what’s working well.

My Solution

I completed a discovery process with Charles and his team to get a great handle on the paper documents, internal processes, and how best to streamline their process.

I proposed a custom web application that would take place of their entire paper flow.

The web app would allow Charles and his team to digitize their entire process from beginning to end. With such a unique business, there was no off the shelf app or solution that we could use. So I set out to build a custom Web Application.

The web application build took about 4 months to build version one, and I’ve been incrementally improving it every month since launch.

The app allows Capital Now Funding to see the entire business through an online dashboard, to know what marketing efforts are working, to see P&L, and to better grow their business.

The Results

Since the Web Application launch, Charles and the Capital Now Funding team has grown the business exponentially. They are now able to see metrics inside the app for what marketing efforts are most profitable. They are extremely efficient now since they can sign documents in the app, send emails in the app, communicate with their clients in the app, and are overall more efficient as a business. Being able to have a custom app that has replaced their entire paper system has saved Capital Now Funding countless hours in mistakes, and has led them to be able to expand across the USA faster since they don’t have to have physical locations in each city, they can use the Web app as their hub.


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