Project Mission

Create interactive Elearning courses for AT&T to help train their workforce.


I worked closely with AT&T to create interactive elearning courses to help teach and train their employees. Each project consisted of a specific technical skill set that AT&T wanted their employee to master after they finished the course.

I worked with a content writer to write the course objective and content. Once this was completed, we roped in one of the experts from AT&T to review the course in order to make sure the content and lessons were actually correct.

I then moved onto creating the artwork for each course. This usually consisted of hand illustrating all of the files, since each course was created inside Adobe Flash. After illustrating the objects for each course, I would then code the multiple choice questions, interactive quizes, drag and drop, etc etc lessons with Adobe Flash.

Once the course was finished, I then passed it off to the internal AT&T folks in order to QA it. I never had one pushback on corrections or any other fix. As the old saying goes, measure twice cut once.

This project was only available on the AT&T training intranet, so their is no link to view. But take my word for it, it was amazing in all it's flash glory. :)

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