“Working with Josh has been a seamless process. He has been open and responsive to our strategic needs and goals and has even gone above and beyond with additional consulting on ramping up our internal data analytics. He has delivered exceptionally strong conversion from dollars to leads and, all told, has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

Michal Morgan, Noltemeyer Company

Noltemeyer Company

Noltemeyer Company owns and runs multiple apartment complexes in and around Louisville, KY. They contacted me back in February 2019 with some sorry-looking numbers:

Losing income with difficulty finding tenants for their vacant apartments.

Spending over $100 per lead with the an uncompetitive ad space owner.

Suffering reputational damage from mad, bad, and just plain sad online reviews.

One of these is bad enough – but put them all together, and you can be sure that the numbers will start making some serious subtractions to your bottom line.


Like it or not, online reviews are serious business today. Bad reviews can kill a sale – and if you’re not on top of it, then your numbers will sag. In January 2019, Noltemeyer had an overall score of 2.4/5.

I built an automated review system designed to discourage mean 1-star reviews and reward glowing 5-star reviews. It worked a charm, with over 100 5-star reviews in the first week.

These days, Noltemeyer has an overall reputation of 4.5 and hundreds of glowing reviews that they can, quite literally, bank on!


Today’s consumers are online, and they’re Googling everything. Why pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to your local ad company when you can laser-target people who are specifically looking for you 24/7?

I fired the uncompetitive big ad guy – and got Noltemeyer onto Google Ads with a strategy that slashed costs from $100 per lead to around $4 to $10.

No typos there: just good, old fashioned math!

Today, Noltemeyer’s numbers game is right where any local business wants to be.

Every dollar spent on marketing and advertising has a positive ROI.

Leads are coming in every day, eager to take freshly vacant apartments.

Revenues are going sky-high – alongside the company’s local reputation.


5-star reviews added


ROI for Marketing


Decrease in cost per lead