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Why do you think web projects fail? Well if you read the title you could guess it’s because of poor strategy. And you’d have guessed right.

I’ve seen projects flounder under bad strategy. I’ve seen other projects derail because the correct strategy was not set from the project start. It really is important that you have a great strategy from day one, not just hobbled together close to launch, or heaven forbid post launch.

Without measuring you won’t know if you’ve succeeded. You have to know what are the correct things to measure. That’s called strategy.

I’ve outline 5 ares in my own Project Planner that helps each Solid Giant Project start off perfectly, and has allowed me to finish each project with the original strategy in mind.

1. Your Organization
Identify key issues your project should address

2. Your Customers
Focusing on who your website is really for

3. Your Current Site
What do you have at the moment?

4. Your Vision
Thinking about what you could & should have in the future

5. Your Project Team
Getting the right people involved from the start

If you’d like to see all the questions I work through with my clients, download my Project Planner.

What do you think should be added or revised to the above 5 areas? Let me know in the comments below.