“Josh did an excellent job creating our website. He exceeded our expectations with the final product. I can not recommend him enough for his hard work, professionalism, and skills.”
– Daniel Montgomery, Lead Pastor Sojourn Community Church


“We wanted a user friendly and responsive website that would work across all platforms, and Josh accomplished that for us. He followed through on all of our requests and was easy to work with. We would definitely work with Josh again.”
– Lindsey Poenie, Director of Communications Sojourn Community Church



"Josh answered the unique challenge of providing one central website for our four-campus, two-state church -- a website that is as simple and clean as it could be, yet as multi-layered and content-rich as it needs to be. Throughout the project, he met every deadline, answered every question, and guided us through every stage."
- Bobby Gilles, Deacon of Community Life & Operations for Sojourn Church



My wife and I are members at Sojourn Community Church here in Louisville, so when Bobby approached me about helping them redesign their website, I was super excited and ready to make something awesome. After our initial consultation, it was apparent the previous website was several years outdated, wasn't working properly to manage content, had several security issues, wasn't mobile responsive, and to boot the hosting provider kicked them off their plan! Sojourn needed a mobile responsive site that was secure, easy to manage, and allowed people to engage within the community.


I knew the new site needed to be responsive across all mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. So I began with simple wireframes for the homepage of the new website.

Once the homepage wireframes were completed, I moved onto the sub page wireframe, blog wireframe, and a few others. After the initial wireframe for the homepage is complete the other pages are pretty straightforward. For consistency sake, the wireframes use the same header and footer.

I worked closely with Bobby and the team after the wireframes were completed on some example moodboards and colors for the new site. Since Sojourn redesigned their logo during the new website launch, we had a color palette that we could work from.

I then started working in Photoshop to create the various designs for the homepage. I designed a Desktop layout, as well as a mobile layout. We went through a couple rounds of revisions on these two mockups, until we got to a point that the team loved the way it was looking. From then on, I worked on the designs for the remaining wireframes that we already completed.

Once those remaining designs were approved, I moved onto coding those designs into a fully functional website.

Sojourn needed a CMS that would be easy to manage their content as well as keep their site more secure.

We decided to go with Wordpress, which is what 95% of the churches I work with use for their website. This allowed Sojourn to easily add new content to their site, add weekly sermons for all four campuses, as well as have multiple people on their team add/edit content on the site.

I spent almost two full months hand coding the mockups into a fully functional, responsive Wordpress theme. I spent a lot of time hand coding certain aspects of the site in order to make it easier for the Sojourn team to manage it once I handed it off to them.

Once everything was coded, I worked with Bobby on the content and images for the site, which we then populated into the site. At that point, it was a couple weeks of editing, and QA, but once we got the greenlight we launched the new site to the world!

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