“Josh has been one of the best web developers I have worked with so far. He is professional, timely, extremely creative, and really a joy to work with on our projects. From small to large projects, he is the man for the job. I am very thankful for his talents and look forward to future projects with him.”
– Jason Thacker, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission





I knew this one was going to be a fun project when the Jason Thacker, the Creative Director of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission asked me to redesign the RussellMoore.com website. I have read several of Russell Moore's books, and I love his heart for the kingdom.

Jason asked me to help redesign the site, we wanted to better engage users, give them a more readable and fast user experience.

Russell Moore creates a lot of high quality content, so I wanted to create an awesome responsive design that got out of the way and allowed the reader to engage the content in a more meaningful way.


I begin this process with a simple wireframe outlining what the homepage would look like. Since the site is essentially a blog or article based website, the wireframe was pretty straight forward.

Once the wireframe was approved, I moved onto the designing the new homepage in Photoshop. This allows me to test some ideas, to see how they look visually as well as try combinations of typography for readability. We ended up using two fonts from Typography.com. Sentinel and Gotham. Both of these typefaces are the best of the best and really adds to the perceived value of the website.

Once the mockup was done I sent it over the Russell's team for feedback. Based on that feedback I adjusted some parts of the design and then ultimately received approval to begin development.

RussellMoore.com uses Wordpress as a CMS, so I began the process of creating a custom responsive Wordpress theme from the approved mockup. This is my most favorite part of the process, because it allows me to start testing and improving on the user experience. The mockup is just a flat file, but once I start developing it into a theme, I can click, move, adjust, resize elements and test out the usability myself.

I wrapped up the custom development on the Wordpress theme and launched the site. I'll be constantly improving the site, so take a look and be sure to let me know what you think!

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