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“I had absolutely no idea how to create a website; But Josh stepped in and made us a great one! He worked on it very fast and answered all of my questions. Josh is trustworthy and easy to work with and his cost is also very fair. I highly recommend him!”
– Jeremiah Taylor, Lead Pastor Redemption Church Miami



Jeremiah and his wife has moved to Miami to plant the church Redemption Church Miami, and they needed an awesome website to help reach their community.


Working with Churches is my specialty, and working with Church plants is very close to my heart. My wife and I are members at Sojourn Community Church which is only 10 years old, and was the sending church for Jeremiah and Redemption Church Miami.

Jeremiah needed a website that he could easily manage and keep updated. As a pastor of a church plant, every minute is valuable, so it really is important to have a simple way to edit the website and communicate with your local community.

I recommended that we use Wordpress, since it has no costs besides hosting, and is very simple to manage.

I worked with Jeremiah to create a great looking, responsive website that was consistent with the Redemption Miami brand.

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