Create an App that teaches children and adults how difficult it is to tell the difference between safe items and poison.


I worked closely with Kosair Children's Hospital to outline what it was that they needed to do on this one. After an initial meeting we landed on an idea that would be a simple game where users have to choose between two items. Once item is poisonous and the other safe. But the labels would be hidden to the user.

Kosair wanted to have this game playable in the lobby of the Hospital on a couple touch screens. I thought that was a great idea and got excited to have my work playable in such a public place.

The app was created at first to be playable on a touch screen browser, which meant it wasn't going to be iOS at first, but a simple flash game. After the flash game was developed, we then moved onto the iOS game.

I created all the artwork that you see in the app, and really wanted to create an experience for the children that they would want to play the game, but also for adults. Since the game is meant to show an adult how hard it is to tell the difference between poison and safe items.

The item is available in the iOS app store to download, so head over to the link and check it out!


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