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“Josh helped relaunch our website by creating a clean and clear mobile responsive website and by handling the entire implementation process. I highly recommend Josh’s skills and abilities. From his design capabilities to his technical expertise, he’s a true professional and I would not work with anyone else.”
– Charles Price, President & CEO of Charah Inc.


“Josh has an ability to design websites unlike any designer I have ever worked with. His designs are clean, crisp, and spot on every time. His customer service is exceptional and he resolves issues quickly. I cannot recommend the skills and abilities of Josh enough, he’s a guaranteed return on investment.”
– Charles W Price, Operations Analyst Charah



Charah Inc needed a website that was easy to manage and also helped communicate why they are an amazing company


I worked closely with the CEO and the marketing department at first to understand what the mission of this new website was. Was is to just look good? To sell products? It takes some time at the beginning of a project to discern what the real goals are, not just the "This would be nice" things.

After a couple of meetings in person, I had a great direction with several goals.

Based on these goals, I designed a homepage design in photoshop for Charah to take a look at. We went back and fourth a few rounds based off of this initial design, finally landing on a great direction for the homepage.

Once the homepage was agreed upon, I began creating the website into the CMS of choice, Wordpress. The process of creating a Wordpress theme can be daunting for the uninitiated, but I had several milestone that I looped Charah in on. That way they can see the progress on the site, as well as give me feedback along the way. This also allowed me to work closely with the marketing department on the copy and messaging.

The website launched and Charah has gone on to win several awards, from companies like LG&E and others. I'm very proud of the website, but more importantly to be able to help a company as great as Charah communicate well.

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