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My goal for this five part blog series is to provide you with new techniques and approaches for planning your next website project, while keeping them as actionable and succinct as possible.

And today, we start with a look at your organization. Most projects begin with a tremendous amount of creativity and ideas for improvement. However, not all of these will be realistic, achievable or equally important.

This is because quality design depends on real, rock solid insight. That means you must do your best to ask the right questions, and listen intently to the answers. By building a clear understanding of your organization’s goals with all those involved in defining the project, you will be able to define what makes your organization unique and launch that amazing website you’ve always knew you could.

Get out a notepad (or word document) and write down as much as you can from the following:

1. About your organization:

  • Background & History
  • Purpose/ Vision
  • Products/services
  • Geographic Markets
  • Your Strategy
  • Your Competitors
  • Brand Story
  • Visual Identity

2. What are you key business goals?

  • Your key business goals
  • The impact these goals have
  • Any trends you feel are relevant
  • Competitive pressures affecting your organization
  • What innovations you see as relevant to your organization

3. How do you see the web contributing to these goals?

  • How the web can support your goals
  • What your web objectives and measures of performance are
  • Whether your team possess the resources, knowledge and attitudes to support these objectives
  • The specific resources you will need
  • The social platforms, tools and channels that are appropriate and sustainable for your organization
  • This email course will provide you with actionable tips on how you can plan the perfect website project. More on that later…

In part 2, I’ll be delving into who your customers are and why they are critically important.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please post a comment below, or shoot me an email at josh {at} solidgiant dot com I will respond personally to every email.

Josh Starr

Josh Starr

Entrepreneur / Graphic Designer / Web Designer / NonProfit Founder