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So you want to create or recreate your website? Maybe your website doesn’t accomplish any of your goals, maybe it aggravates users, or isn’t getting any traffic? There are so many places to start on a new website. I want to save you a lot of money. How does that sound?

When you create a website, you’ll ask yourself “Will I pay someone to manage this site or will my team manage it?”

How you answer that question can save you a lot of money. $9,000 or more a year.

Here’s the state of the web today, there are thousands of Content Management Systems to help you manage your website. Some are good, some are terrible, yet some are absolutely amazing.

Choose the Content Management System that works with your business, and is easy to manage. Choose WordPress.

More than 409,000,000 people view a WordPress website each month. You’d think that the WordPress team would have learned a thing or two huh? Well it’s a community of developers that create the open source product that we call WordPress. That means, it’s not locked down to some company that is going to exploit your business and over charge. But that also means that the cost is FREE to you. Even though WordPress is FREE, it still has incredible value.

The real reason to choose WordPress is it’s simplicity for you or your team to manage your own site. It’s because of the great user interface, and the short learning curve that makes WordPress a great choice for your new website CMS.

When I launch a client website, it takes about 20-30 mins to train someone on WordPress. And that is where you are saving over $9,000 a year. Because you are learning to manage your own site yourself, you don’t have to pay a guy like myself to make edits. Of course I would love to come alongside you and help you figure it out, but I won’t charge you extra to make changes. I want to empower you with your website, and that means letting go, and teaching you how to be a pro.

So if you paid a developer for a year to manage your site, instead of using a great CMS like WordPress, you’d spend around $9,000 a year.

So save $9,000 and choose WordPress as your CMS.