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Solid Giant is Josh Starr

Why work with me?

I don’t need special care and watering. My clients tend to need the multi-talented approach that a larger team can offer, in situations where hiring a full team may not make sense. I’m small. Lean & mean baby!

Why work with another agency?

I don’t do it all. If you’re looking for things outside my core competencies, you ought to find someone better suited. I can’t take on lengthy 12 month projects or work that requires a team. Tight deadlines are Kryptonite.

“I cannot recommend the skills and abilities of Josh enough. He did everything we could have hoped for and more.”
- Jason Ary @ Double EncorejasonRead more testimonials

What is craftsmanship and does it matter?

Now days with the Etsy revolution (humor me for a minute), we hear the term “craftsman” quite a bit. I dare say that we hear it so much that it may be losing it’s meaning. When is that last time you took a step back and considered what craftsmanship really meant? How does craftsmanship matter …